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abundant dragon group signed strategic cooperative agreement with asia today

2017-10-12 11:44:01

in the morning of 17th july 2017, yu zhongshun, general manager of asia today, and his delegation came to abundant dragon group (short for adg). two parties discussed about yumaotong cross-border e-commerce and signed the strategic cooperative agreement. president mao fangguo and some leaders from the group attended the meeting.

during the meeting, president mao fangguo expressed warm welcome to mr. yu zhongshun, and he gave an introduction about the management status of yumaotong cross-border e-commerce platform. president mao said currently there are 2 to 3 million $ of goods coming into qingdao market through yumaotong platform. e-commerce has international quality, and we have great cooperative space and learning space with korea. we believe bilateral cooperation has great potential.

mr. yu zhongshun thanked president mao for his warm welcome. he said that the friendly relationship between china and korea and the economic cooperation between two countries on civil level are very important. he hoped through this cooperation, we could have a good start point. two parties shall exert our advantages and reach win-win situation under the principles of mutual respect and mutual benefit.

during the meeting, two parties also discussed about “haru 2.0” mineral water products. president assistant and general manager of david camel co., ltd mao anteng expressed that currently sales team of david camel was undertaking early-stage sales planning and market survey. after half year’s preparation, we have enough confidence to make breakthrough in domestic online and offline channels, thus open china’s market.

after the meeting , two parties had the agreement signing ceremony and had posed for photographs.