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dragon rubber trading centre

located in the west coast epz of qingdao economic and technological development zone (huangdao district) and adjacent to the jiaozhou bay bridge, adg rubber transaction center co., ltd. covers an area of 66,000 square meters, among which warehouse cover 34,000 square meters and outdoor storage yards 2,000 square meters. the well-equipped facilities and favorable location enable it to be a modern logistics company with free tariff.
with the preferential policies “import with free duty, cargos with free tariff, tax refund within the development zone”, adg rubber transaction center is accepted as a comprehensive company specialized in international trade, transit trade, warehousing, distribution and official business.
the company provides systematic services, for instance, importing and exporting cargos, importing and exporting technology, warehousing, conditioning cargos, distribution and international freight forwarding and so on.